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When Wilson Met Dolores
             The Wedding

The Wedding, celebrates Wilson and Dolores' passion for Cinema and Nature. Check out the story below to see how they got here.

We thank all our friends and family for having been a part of our journey.


Wilson and Dolores’ story began long long ago on a campus not too far away. Depending on who you ask, they first met at the University of Toronto (Mississauga) either in a residence formal in ‘98, or for a psych lab experiment in ‘99.  Their first courtship, though fleeting, was marked by their contrasting natures.

Yet, living only one housing block apart and with mutual acquaintances, fate would lead them to shared experiences such as games nights, watching movies, reveling in nature, or simply unwinding at the local pub. Despite their differences, a profound friendship blossomed, leaving them both to continue to imagine the possibility of something deeper.


Post university life beckoned them in divergent directions and Dolores took a post in health education in South Africa. Prior to leaving she would visit Wilson at the CNE fair where he was a Financial Auditor. Amidst the evening’s spectacles and games, they sat atop a grandstand gazing at the tight rope walker above, and shared an unspoken acknowledgment that this was the end of a chapter but that the story was far from over.


Although they stayed in touch, it would be years later that fate would find Dolores back home in Sudbury working with environmental non-profits. Her work included conferences in South Ontario and led to them reconnecting, which led to Dolores attending Wilson’s black belt grading. They began to see each other in a new light unveiling newfound admiration for each other’s passions and mutual values.


From there, they navigated the challenges of a long-distance courtship and finally, in April 2007, solidified their love into a relationship. Fifteen years hence, they journeyed back to Exhibition Place to the lot that held the embers of that long ago unspoken acknowledgement, now occupied by Hotel X, where Dolores accepted Wilson’s proposal.

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This story now culminates in The Wedding, marking not an end, but a new beginning as Wilson and Dolores look forward to embarking on the next chapter of their lives as husband and wife.

Introducing When Wilson Met Dolores: The Wedding's wonderful supporting cast!

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