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Getting There

There are many options for travelling to and from Thunder Bay, the two most feasible listed below. Please let us know if you have any questions or if we can assist you when booking travel.

We truly appreciate the time and effort you are making to attend our special day!   

Flight Options

There's a number of airlines that fly from Toronto to Thunder Bay. We've flown all three of the following airlines listed here. Prices listed are approximate as of February 2024.


Flair: $350 

  • Price includes carry-on & check-in luggage

  • Direct flight available but limited travel days (we recommend travelling Aug 14 or Aug 16, returning Aug 19)

  *Be aware there is currently on-going company issues, although at this      time operations have not been impacted          


Porter: $600

  • Price includes carry-on luggage only 

  *Be aware when booking that some flights may include 1 stop-over in        Ottawa and flights leave from both Billy Bishop and Pearson Airport


Air Canada: $600 

  • Price includes carry-on luggage only

  • Direct flight available


Driving Options

If you have the time for a road trip and multiple rest stops, the drive through Northern Ontario is beautiful. We drove from Toronto to Thunder Bay over two days with a mid-way stay at a motel and loved the drive.

The two driving options within Canada are to either drive to Sudbury and then take Highway 17 along the Lake Superior shoreline (Map #1) or for the more northern, remote route, travel from Toronto to Timmins and then take Highway 11 (Map #1) which adds an additional hour.

There's also the possibility to travel through the States, where you travel through Michigan which adds an hour of driving, or a wider route that takes you through Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota, around the western side of Lake Superior (Map #2), which adds about 3 hours.

Approx. Driving Time: 15+ hours

Approx. Cost: About 2-3 tanks of gas one way

TO Thunder Bay Maps.jpg
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